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 !  Track List

1. Ottobar Afterhours
2. One More Dog
3. I Wouldn't Worry About It
4. Do You Remember Memory Lane?
5. Gordon's Nightclub
6. When Your Mask Is Your Revealing Feature
7. ArtStar
Absolutely Instru(mental)
9. Toulouse-Lautrec

 !  Credits

The Oranges Band are:
Roman Kuebler-Guitars, Vocals
Dave Voyles-Drums
Patrick Martin-Bass
Doug Gillard-Guitar

Produced by Adam Cooke at Lord Baltimore Recording.

All songs written by Roman Kuebler.
C 2008 DJ Nick Needles (ASCAP)

"The Oranges Band Are Invisible" also features:
Jim Glass-Background Vocals
Ratsize-Background Vocals
Abby Mott-Background Vocals
Shawna Potter-Background Vocals
Mandy Koch-Background Vocals
Brooks Harlan-Keys

 !  Album Bio

The following is an excerpt from the Oranges Band Are Invisible blog on Read the whole story here!

The Oranges Band Are Invisible. An album is not an album without a name. And after what seems, now, like an eternity, this collection of songs is, officially, an album. Not only because the album now has a name but also because it collects the experience of writing and rehearsing it, demoing and recording it, mixing and fixing it, and yes, naming it.

For me, processing and reflecting on all of the stages that went into the making of this album is rather overwhelming. Our last album was released close to four years ago and this new album, because albums are the benchmarks of a band’s history, is responsible for gathering all the experiences since then and, somehow, defining the band through these songs and under this title, The Oranges Band Are Invisible. Easy enough to consider that no album could really comprehensively sum up four years of any band’s history, right? Well, what is overwhelming about that concept is that I might be the only person in the world for whom this album really CAN do that.

A band’s album is so many levels. It’s songs and performances and ideas and potential but at the end of the day, it’s a product. A physical product that has a name and a visual reference so that it can be classified among the other albums that people experience. What this means is that after working forever on getting your music where you want it to be, you have to wrap it up in a package to sell it. It needs a name and artwork that will classify and define it. Now, assuming the responsibility for just about everything in the progression of a band has it’s advantages… I guess you can claim all the credit for your, many… errr, ummm, well, some of your successes. You know, you get to ride in the convertible at the parade! You get, also, to own (outright) all failures! The fringe benefit, the one that people don’t see, though, is that you get to wake up in the middle of the night realizing that the artwork is not going to complete itself.

I really like doing the artwork for albums but not necessarily for my own albums (even though I’ve done every one). It deserves so much focus and attention and I found that, after having “left it all on the field” during the recording, the artwork can be a daunting task. Not only it is creatively stressful but it is also a technical exercise that requires patience and administration, commodities in short supply at the end of the album-making process. It was with this in mind that I sat awake in bed one night devising ways to get around doing the artwork this time. The obvious answer was to have someone else do it. Employ one of my many talented and artistic friends to create a great concept and execute it, visually, to perfection. Sadly, it’s an idea as simple as it is unrealistic. I have tried this many times and it has been my experience that artists, myself included, are as capitalistic as the next guy. Well maybe not if the next guy is an investment banker or something, but we still operate on the “time is money” concept and creating an album cover takes a LOT of time. Of course most bands, ours included, find that money is another commodity in short supply at the end of the album-making process so that didn’t seem like a workable solution.

Still lying awake, racking my brain to figure out how to get out of doing the artwork, I was nearly resolved to having to put in the hours of being shackled to my computer, staring at the screen when, in a MacGyver-like flash of inspiration I thought, “What if there is NO artwork?” Wait… what?! The basic thought of an album with no artwork is a little too easy. I mean, again, an album needs to be represented visually in some way and needs to be a physical product so it had to be something but an adjusted concept that eliminated paper sleeves and tray cards did seem legitimate. Not only did it seem manageable, but I was quickly aware of how the idea of a “paperless” album actually challenged the popular concept of music packaging at a time when the music industry is struggling to define the value of music and the legitimacy of the compact disc format against, obviously, the digital format which has no physical representation. I liked it’s environmental statement as well, even though it’s still a lot of plastic… well, we won’t sell too many then, out of concern for the environment.

Ok, so having convinced myself I can get around the idea of artwork, at least in the traditional sense I still had to name the album. Easy enough, if the Beatles did the “White Album” with the all white artwork and Metallica did the “Black Album” (uh, I mean Spinal Tap-never figured out if that was a joke by Metallica), then we were going to claim the “Clear Album”. Knocking it around a bit I thought it best to shy away from inviting comparisons to the Beatles, which would seem a little self important, and came around to the idea of the “Invisible Album”. But you can’t write it on the album and say it’s the “Invisible Album” and I am sure we wouldn’t get the opportunity to nickname our album through the press or anything so I had to figure out a way to call it something that included invisible. By the way, I am still lying in bed thinking about all this. Even though it takes a couple hours to sit and recount the episode in writing the whole thing developed in about three minutes I would guess. Crazy, huh? As I am cycling through a number of album title options utilizing the “invisible” theme, I thought about The Oranges Band Are Invisible. I think some of the others were just Invisible or The Invisible Band or just stuff like that but when I got around to The Oranges Band Are Invisible, I was immediately reminded of The Fuses Are Lies. The Fuses were one of the great Baltimore bands of the late 90s and have inspired many Oranges Band songs and, along with a handful of other local Baltimore groups, are largely responsible for me playing in bands at all. This album draws deeply, both lyrically and musically, on that music and that time in my life so this association with the title really felt right to me. I love it when a concept comes together!

Finally, in thinking about the title I was toying with the idea of an invisible band. The Oranges Band have always felt a little bit like the invisible band, kind of hiding in plain sight. Not necessarily the underdogs or the attention-getters but more the guys who fade into the landscape a bit. I don’t mind that so much as it sort of accurately describes our perception and maybe our place. We have an understated appeal, that’s all. I appreciated how the title of the album is a statement about our band from our band. And hey, I mean the Invisible Man, right? Who hasn’t dreamt of being the Invisible Man? He’s easily one of the coolest superheros–or was he a menace?! I guess I didn’t see that one.


 !  Photos

Click pic for larger image
  Band Photos

photo credit-Natasha Tylea

photo credit-Natasha Tylea

photo credit-Natasha Tylea

Dave and Pat
  In the studio

Produced by Adam Cooke
photo credit- Dave Voyles

Doug Gillard at the board

Doug Gillard on the job


Ratsize is on the mic!

(L-R)-Mandy Koch, Shawna Potter, Abby Mott, Adam Cooke, Roman Kuebler
photo credit- Dave Voyles

Adam Cooke and Jim Glass

The final product

CDs were hand assembled while watching football

The CD covers were hand screened by Alex Dondero. This is the artwork for the screen. Thanks to Alex for his help.

Jim Glass did the bulk of the shrinkwrapping and help manufacturing the CDs. Thanks to him we were able to make the limited edition CD package.

Sam Ponzar also helped out with the shrinkwrapping.

 !  Press
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 !  Lyrics
"The Oranges Band Are Invisible"

Ottobar Afterhours

You don't have to go home but still you can't stay here, so I won't even try. When only the roads get by. All the doors get locked and our party's gaining power–Ottobar Afterhours. Everyone knows everyone. They're all relatively sure they'll never be another "I am the fly in the ointment" or "Any five workers waiting for the weekend to come".

You can't hold anyone's attention long enough so I won't even try. When only the roads get by. All the doors get locked and our party's gaining power–Ottobar Afterhours. Everyone knows everyone. They're all relatively sure they'll never be another "I am the fly in the ointment" or "Any five workers waiting for the weekend to come".

One More Dog

Don't walk fast and don't walk slow and don't walk home cause everybody drove. When who you are is who you know and when who you were was never controlled. Even odds and uneven clothes. When even you can where them then even you can fit in where they go. And whoa, since you can, there's only one more dog I can stand (in).

I Wouldn't Worry About It

I wants to feel but now we're ordinary feel. I wouldn't worry about it cause not everyone's listening. And I wouldn't worry about it cause now everyone's listening.

Do You Remember Memory Lane?

Maybe he's come from the moon. The last ten years have come and gone. Maybe he's lost or insane. Do you remember Memory Lane?

When was your last night on earth? Or is it your first?

And if he fell from the sky then even he don't know why all the things he says are insane cause noone remembers Memory Lane.

When was your last night on earth? Or is it your first night on earth? Do you remember Memory Lane?

Gordon's Nightclub

What happened to the Rev? It was here, it was right here when I left. But now it's turned into Gordon's Nightclub.

Where did he go wrong? Where do we belong? Because the Rev didn't move it just turned into Gordon's Nightclub.

Where did you spend the last three years? Were you anywhere but here? And when they ask why you left home you don't know. You just lost your stroke. Went and lost your focus now we're everywhere.

When Your Mask Is Your Revealing Feature

(Who is out there?) You are the wolf and you are so smart when you play it like the sheep. (Who is out there?) But I see your teeth they're white light lightbulbs.

That's where we started. We had everything figured out. I'll take a mask from my closet and out it on in secret.

(Who is out there?) You're careful with him you're not gonna get caught .(Who is out there?) But check your receipt cause it isn't what you bought.

That's where we left it. I mean everything's fallen through. Cause when your mask is your revealing feature, what else can you do? Take a name from my closet and I'll where it out in public.

Breathe in. Breathe in your mouth.



I can't wait to go home. I'd bet I'd even walk. We spent the year in art school and all we did was talk. Taught me how to see-saw taught me how to feel flawed. (turn that shit off)

You wanted to burn but you never came close. You wanted to feel but your memory's toast. You want to hide but what everyone knows is how the story will turn out. Everyone burns out.

You had all the ambition but you didn't go to art school for the competition. They want to be known by everyone and shown by everyone and blown by everyone. When all you want to know is what everyone knows. You only want to go where everyone goes and now you want to go home.

You wanted to burn but you never came close. You wanted to feel but your memory's toast. You want to hide but what everyone knows is how the story will turn out. Everyone burns out.

Absolutely (Instru)mental


It don't feel odd to you. That you don't belong to you. When will you rest?

Toulouse-Lautrec is like all the rest of the post-impressionist bullshit in the end.

You might be off but you weren't wrong. You think your the next.

Toulouse-Lautrec is like all the rest of the post-impressionist bullshit in the end.


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