The Five Dollars EP
1. A & R Job
2. What got you off the hook
3. Stars are ours stuck
4. nextstopexjock
5. all those marching feet

Nine Hundred Miles of Fucking Hell

1. All the Ghosts in Your House
2. Sweater Weather
3. One Parts
4. Instrumental
5. OK Apartment

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He knew that this arrangement would never work and that it was a mistake to show. But it was said in stars that there are only one or two possible scenarios. You play the bars or your name in stars and he knows this A & R job won't last long cause he dont buy into the company. God Save the Clean. Save the industry from the sharks. WHAT GOT YOU OFF THE HOOK - It's understood around the track, one's to settle down. one's to get back. You're all in your beliefs and it got you off the hook this time with the police. It's all to say we're OK and I'll make it up to you in some other way cause I've been around the back. As one eye's looking forward (at you) one's looking back. STARS ARE OURS (STUCK)- It luck was dumb but if these stars are stuck they will stare at you. A second or two turns into, turns into. Does your heart rate increase with all these plain clothes police? Your saying always and never like you don't know better. NEXTSTOPEXJOCK- If there's one thing that you might forget, then there's nothing that you won't regret. I'll take your place if he and his facelifts. Set your sights when you wrong your rights. I've been uptight again and nothing can shake it. You'll sit on the fence and you'll see the difference looks the same. Lean one way. nextstopexjock. ALL THOSE MARCHING FEET- It's always incomplete and now that you've got what you wanted it's the industry. It's all those marching feet and now that you got what you came for opportunity is knocking at your knees. Trouble's that their stuck on permanence and their all deceivers. You don't know what to say it's always image is everything and it's so inflated. But it's just another day and when it becomes inconvenient it's another way. Your dues are yours to pay no more does x mark the spot in this information age. Well I know a Johnathan, too. And he wrote his name in the streets. He ain't got nothing to do with it, but I know a Johnathan, too.

ALL THE GHOSTS IN YOUR HOUSE- All those things in her mouth (the words) they fell out. They're telling stories about all the ghosts in your house. And they adore you. And they explore you. And they will bore you. And they will ignore you where you live, I'm positive that if your walking around where the spectres abound they're making horrible sounds and there's ghosts in your town. SWEATER WEATHER- When you moved you took this sweater and I thought no better of it when then came winter and it weas especially cold. It was cold and it was too late, you left me two plates and I had my share of dinner dates but I felt so all alone. Then I knew that I could not wait and moved into a new place and when someone took your space, well it was an episode. ONE PARTS - If you insist on the obvious tryst and a dangerous song, then sing along. Come on, come on, like animals, wrong for each other, we live intuitive. And after the fact, were all blue and black. Bruised to the bones by telephones. INSTRUMENTAL- I've been everywhere in this activity and my thoughts are souvenirs. Stay south of that devil repetition, you're thoughts are chandeliers. Turn off the radios, take your remote controls and listen. Your thoughts are hemispheres. I went through one hundred of nothings. There what you make of them. They're thoughts and they're actions. Your thoughts are cavalier. Your thoughts are your tradition. OK APARTMENT- My apartment, it looks just like your apartment with four walls and two times all the space inside. And the space besides all these high rise apartment buildings. These gray boxes, yeah they're OK computers but they keep me inside nearly all of the time singing, "Don't ever leave me lover!"