We’re a modern Indie music band founded several years ago. We’ve been playing some of our audience’s favorite songs available.

Our Story

With origins in the U.S. and the U.K., Indie rock is a rock music genre that began in the 1970s. Previously, the term described independent labels.

It’s also used interchangeably with the phrase “alternative rock.”

It was used to describe and identify acts that retained an underground or outsider view. Changes in the music industry and revolution of the internet caused various things to occur in the 2000s.

As a result, some indie rock acts started performing commercially, leading to success and the question about its meaningfulness.

Great music legends come and go in the music industry. Whereas some sing songs their entire lives, others only have short-lived experiences.

Even so, their musical masterpieces continue to do well and thrive long after they die. The artists also comprise of one-time hit song makers in bands.

The Scene of Indie Music

Borrowed from the word independent, indie bands don’t rely on other people or labels to sell their music. In fact, most musicians began as indie artists before the onset of Reality TV. It featured talent shows where the whole country perceived it as the next big thing.

Some indie musicians perform in shows, local bars and streets while others say they make music to satisfy their souls due to a calling. The artists don’t depend on the performances to make a living.

Measure of Success

The measure of success in the life of an indie artist is based on a growing audience and appreciation for the music. Although it’s good that people appreciate your music, it’s preferable to convert the appreciation to dollars (profit).

Even a professional or hobbyist painter requires new brushes, paint or canvass to continue producing more masterpieces. The same applies to indie artists.

However, indie artists don’t rely on a music label to sell music records produced.

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