The Life of an Indie Rock Band

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With origins in the U.S. and the U.K., Indie rock is a rock music genre that began in the 1970s. Previously, the term described independent labels.

It’s also used interchangeably with the phrase “alternative rock.”

It was used to describe and identify acts that retained an underground or outsider view. Changes in the music industry and revolution of the internet caused various things to occur in the 2000s.

As a result, some indie rock acts started performing commercially, leading to success and the question about its meaningfulness.

Great music legends come and go in the music industry. Whereas some sing songs their entire lives, others only have short-lived experiences.

Even so, their musical masterpieces continue to do well and thrive long after they die. The artists also comprise of one-time hit song makers in bands.

Unlike getting a blue-collared job, entering the music industry has become more difficult than ever.

New artists compare to existing musicians with the indie rock music genre being highly competitive. Although a successful music artist could be one of the wealthiest property owners in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the artists are likely to live anyone’s dream life.

Despite living off millions as successful artists, indie music bands get paid “millions.” Even so, the roads leading to where the artists travel have not been paved.

Indie Bands

  • The Verve
  • The Gorillaz
  • E.M.
  • Suede
  • Regina Spektor

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