The Scene of Indie Music

Borrowed from the word independent, indie bands don’t rely on other people or labels to sell their music. In fact, most musicians began as indie artists before the onset of Reality TV. It featured talent shows where the whole country perceived it as the next big thing.

Some indie musicians perform in shows, local bars and streets while others say they make music to satisfy their souls due to a calling. The artists don’t depend on the performances to make a living.

Other artists are true to their choice of original music genre. They’re successful without changing what they originally did.

Popular indie bands include:

The Verve

The Gorillaz



Regina Spektor

Today, most of these bands are classified under Alternative Rock genre instead of indie rock band.

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Indie Bands

  • The Verve
  • The Gorillaz
  • E.M.
  • Suede
  • Regina Spektor